Bardolino is a town on the southeast shore of Lake Garda in the Veneto region of Italy. The region is famed for its wine and olives. Indeed, Bardolino had its own D.O.C.— departement d'origine controle—  for olive oil and wines. This means that Bardolino is considered its own, separate wine-making region, like Champagne or Bordeaux. As such, there are a number of wineries in the area taking advantage of the unique soil and the temperate climate provided by Lake Garda. There is even a wine museum where you can learn about the history of wine making and taste regional wines.

Lined with restaurants Bardolino  harbour   is one of the most picturesque  on the lake, running inland  from   the harbour the main tourist shopping area of Bardolino is  more spacious than its'  near neighbour Garda,  Bardolino has  a relaxed  stylish ambience  making it a good choice location for a first time stay on the lake.

 For anyone holidaying on Lake Garda the frequent ferry services provide an excellent way to see the lake and travel to the lovely resort towns that encircle the lake, all of which  have slightly different flavours and all of which are worth visiting.  A short stroll along the lakeside walkway, followed by a boat ride and an enjoyable lunch, make for a very pleasant way to spend a day. 

    Bardolino's climate is mild. Average temperatures range from 13°C (55 F) in April and October to 24°C (75 F) in August. In June and September the temperature averages 22°C and 20°C respectively.

     Bardolino is located approximately halfway between Venice and Milan. Driving to either of these cities takes about an hour-and-a-half. You can fly into either Venice, Verona or Milan and then proceed to Bardolino. There are buses that go to Bardolino, but it is much better to rent a car to explore the region, as you will have to leave the city itself to see most worthwhile things in the area.