Serayu Rafting

Rafting on Serayu River

With its source in the highlands of Mount Slamet on the Dieng plateau, the picturesque Serayu river flows rapidly across five districts in Central Java to empty out in the Indian Ocean, south of Java, near the town of Cilacap.

Flowing down from an altitude of 500 meters above sea level , Sungai Serayu covers  a length of  30 km with a width  of around 12 meters,  passing the five districts of: Wonosobo, Purbalingga, Banjarnegara, Banyumas and Cilacap.

Providing a backdrop of steeply sloping mountains and green rice paddies, the Serayu offers challenging rafting tracks and thrills for seekers of an adrenaline rush.
Aside from its swift moving rapids, there are winding river paths with rocks of all sizes scattered randomly in your path, making for a very challenging and exciting adventure rafting along this river.

Rafting on the Serayu River starts at the Kutayasa village, Madukara sub-District, in the Banjarnegara District in  Central Java. The route to reach this location is not difficult to remember being located on the side of the main road linking the cities of Wonosobo and Banjarnegara.

In 2010, the Serayu was chosen as the course for the Internasional Rafting “AUSTRALASIA CHAMP” 2010
And it was from this time on that the public became more aware of this river, which flows right through their midst, that possesses such unique and challenging terrain.  The Serayu today is one of Indonesia’s most popular rafting tracks, that is very reliable and well worth considering for those who love a sports challenge.

Serayu offers 5 crossing trips, each of about 10 km to 35 km. The distance takes between 2 hours to 7 hours.

With an approximate width of between 12-12.5 meters, rrafting on this river enters into the categories 3 and 4. Aside from the excitement and challenge of navigating through this river there is also amazing, natural scenery on either side of the river. Another plus to this site is that its water currents and levels are not affected by the rain or lack there of, making the Serayu a suitable all year round rrafting destination regardless of season.

Other Activities

Besides rafting, you can go kayaking, do outbound training, play paint ball games, and go outdoor camping. Food stalls and home-stays at local homes can also be found around this area, which will add to the cultural aspect of your visit to Central Java.

Fishing is another sport to enjoy. In Serayu are found abundant catfish, nila and shrimps. Sungai Serayu is the lifeblood of the five districts in its path and the river’s waters are of very good quality, healthy, and clean. This means that the river which covers approximately 360,639 hectares is also a very useful source of irrigation for the surrounding farmland.

In addition to being an excellent rafting, rafting  and fishing location, Sungai Serayu has other tourist attractions. There are several activities and cultural attractions that can be enjoyed at certain times of the year, for example the Dieng Culture Festival and the Serayu Festival .

For those of you who have come to witness the Festival Serayu then take a bus to the areas of Jakarta - Purwokerto - Banjarnegara. From the Banjarnegara terminal there is public transportation to take you to the location of the festival. The location of the celebrations Dieng Culture Festival are different. Dieng Culture Festival can be seen in the Dieng Plateau, Banjarnegara District. While rafting locations are primarily at Bannyu Woong Adventure, Kutayasa Village, Madukara sub-District in the Banjarnegara District, Central Java, Indonesia.

Rafting on Serayu River

How to trip to the Serayu River.

The Serayu region can be primarily reached by taking the train from Jakarta or Yogyakarta to Purwokerto train station. This town is located near the foothills of Gunung Slamet, where the river itself is located.  From here you can take a taxi or chartered car to get to the exact location you want to visit, there is a lot of reliable public transportation, and you can ask around to find the right vehicle.

If you take a private car directly from Jakarta to Banjarnegara can be reached by following this route: Jakarta - Cikampek - Plumbon - Kanci - Losari - Brebes - Tegal - Slawi - BumiAyu - Ajibarang - Purwokerto - Banjarnegara.

Rafting locations are primarily at Bannyu Woong Adventure, Kutayasa Village, Madukara sub-District in the Banjarnegara District, Central Java Indonesia.