Please and thank you can always stand anyone in good stead.  Here are a few more to add to your vocabulary. 


  • Excuse me - when you wish to ask a question or when squeezing through people.
  • Sorry - if you accidently knock into someone
  • If someone says they have just had a "blue" - they have just had an argument with someone.  (Avoid getting into a blue)
  • If someone says they "feel a bit crook"  - they don’t feel very well, As do the term "not 100%" or "a bit under the weather"
  • The Term "Bugger" is an expression of disappointment usually used as an exclamation when something goes wrong. It is also used in "Bugger off" which is a hostile way of saying 'go away'.
  • Pissed, Sloshed, Tanked, Blotto and Maggoted are all terms meaning highly inebriated (very drunk)


  • Always join a line of people queuing for something by going to the end of the line.
  • Aussies tend to like their personal space, so when queuing just step back a little, it will be appreciated.
  • When there are two counters serving it is customary to allow the person before you to go to the first unattended one.
  • It is nice to say "Hello" or "Gooday" when entering and "Goodbye" or "Goodnight" when leaving a shop or a restaurant.  A cheery thank you will suffice too when leaving.

Australian Slang (Aussie or Ozzi)      This is a very comprehensive listing of Aussie Slang.  Enjoy!