The culture of Alice Springs is a mix between Western and Aboriginal.  Although Alice Springs is a modern town, with a lot of the conveniences of towns much larger in size, it still has a real outback feel to it. Alice Springs is a service town for a vast area of inland Australia, and so people living in remote communities, especially Aboriginal people, will often travel to Alice Springs. Consequently, a visitor can hear 3 or 4 or 5 different Australian languages on any given day. There are very few places in Australia as rich with Aboriginal culture.

The Arrernte people have been in the area known as Mparntwe for thousands of years.  They are the traditional owners of the areas to the North, South, East and West of Alice Springs, and share the town with other Aboriginal people from the north (Warlpri, Anmatyerre), South, (Pitjantjatjara ), West (Pintupi & Luritja) and East (Eastern Arrernte).

In additional to different Aboriginal groups, there are a number of different cultures from other countries represented in Alice Springs.  There is a significant Indian community, as well as Vietnamise, African and German, but by far, the largest non Australian population belongs to the United States. 

As the United States millitary shares an installation just outside of Alice Springs (Pine Gap), there are a significant number of Americans in Alice Springs.  This results in a large interest in the game of baseball, and sightings of vehicles which aren't normally brought in Australia (Left Hand Drive vehicles).

Due to its remote location, Sport plays an integral part of life in the Alice, especially during the cooler winter months.  Sports such as Rugby League, Soccer, Netball and AFL have a large following in Alice Springs, and all hold successful local competitions. AFL is especially popular in remote Aboriginal communities, people travelling vast distances to compete. In summer months, sports such as Cricket, Baseball and on Saturday evenings, Rugby Union, take preference. There are relatively large cycling (road and mountain bike) clubs in Alice Springs.