There are a variety of ways to get to Alice Springs, located in the middle of nowhere in the Outack. The Alice Springs Airport ( ASP ) is just outside of the city and there are daily flights from Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, Darwin, Perth and Adelaide. You can also fly to Uluru (AYQ) from here if you'd rather not drive the distance (approximately 475 km from Alice Springs, roughly a 4.5 hour drive) .

The airport is located about 20km from the centre of Alice Springs, and transport to and from is via private car, taxi or shuttle bus. 

If you don't fly into Alice, you may also come by train on the legendary Ghan train which comes into town twice a week. Or perhaps you'll come via Greyhound Australia express coach.  The coach and train terminals are located within the central business district of Alice.

If you're really adventurous and looking for an experience unlike any other, you can always drive to Alice Springs. Take the appropriate measures, however, to ensure that you make it in one piece. Bring plenty of water and fill up on petrol at every gas station you see because if you don't, it may be a very long time until you come across another. Breaking down in the middle of the Outback without enough water is not something you'll want to experience. Carry extra petrol if you're planning to drive through remote areas. Also, try to avoid driving at night because the wildlife tend to come out and some of the larger animals can do a bit of damage to your car.