The wonderful thing about Broome is that by car you're about 5 mins from everywhere in Broome.  It's 5 mins to town, 5 mins to beach, 5 mins to the Port.

Broome is basically a small country town with a "lot" of tourism.  The main shopping centre is called Chinatown which is basically a couple of parallel streets. The back street is full of lots of pearl shops (nice to look at but take your credit card) and the front street has your post office, banks, and other shops.  Deep Sea Moonlight Pearls has beautiful fake pearls and cultured pearls at a fraction of the price.

 You can get a local bus down to Cable Beach which is gorgeous - turqoise water, white sand, perfect.  North of the Rocks clothes are optional, all the locals drive their 4WD's down there so some days it looks like a parking lot, but just drive up the beach a little way and have the place to yourself.  Drive slowly as everyone their aunty, the dogs and children are running around either naked or clothed and you don't want to hit anyone.

Gantheume Point is great for Dinosaur Footprints and Anastasia's pool.

 There are lots of restaurants and bars. Locals like the Sunset Bar at the Cable Beach Club for drinks but not the restaurant there, the Club Restaurant with no sea views is nicer.  The Zoo Cafe is also nice and not a cafe at all.  For a great feed and better than average pub like grub try the Divers Tavern if you like big helpings and Matso's Brewery for their beer and location!

Best takeaway has to be Tongs (on the side road opposite McDonalds). Don't get put off by the horrible exterior - the food is yummy and healthy - try their prawns and straw mushrooms or chilli squid.

Another great thing about Broome is that it's multicultural. Broome has around 40% Aboriginal population, but because most people have lived together in harmony for years, there are Asian/Japanese Aboriginals, European Aboriginals, and everything in between the same with the "white" poplulation.  If you ask a particular local Broome person what his cultural background is, he would say "confused" - he had a mixture of Aboriginal, Japanese, Scottish and Spanish heritage!

The nicest place to stay is Seashells or Bali Hai, although they are doing up Cable Beach Club.

Do wear sunscreen.  Also please wear clothes in shopping centres. Locals don't want to see your piercings, can put you off dinner.

 Don't swim in the wet season which is October/November to April in the ocean as there are killer jelly fish out there.  You can swim with a stinger suit on.

Good things to visit - the outdoor cinema (pretend you're a local and don't scream and point when a plane flies directly over you very low), the Broome Hovercraft, the cemetry (yes really), Pearl Luggers.

And if you have enough time take the Gibb River Road or go to Cape Leveque.  These roads can be really bad a times so ask a local, if you're hiring a 4wd try and take a weekend training course before you go as you might need it (sometimes roads are great but no guarantees).  Don't forget if you're driving to take spare water if you're going any distance, and if you're leaving town take a EPIRB location beacon which you can hire from the hire car companies.

 Enjoy your visit!