From anywhere in the world for a smile price :) 

FROM CANADA TO POLAND - The whole cost won't be more then 500 euros.                            

Canada - London (ZOOM AIRLINES -  NOTE: ZOOM Airlines does not exist anymore                          

London - Poland: (2 hour flight)               -               -               -                            

FROM USA TO POLAND                            

Look for promo prices at (Polish Airlines), a popular airline in eastern and central Europe. From 2008 intercontinental flights will be operated on the new Boeing Dreamliner! LOT is the first airline to buy these great planes. Prices start from 500 USD for a return.                            

FROM OTHER EUROPEAN CONTRIES TO POLAND                            

Check out those lowcosts:                     (from Berlin)                                 

....or use this engine: but reserve directly with the airline.                                                 

FLYING IN POLAND                                          

Check out promo fares on You can easily find a connection from many cities to Warsaw and back for 50 euros return. If there are no promo fares always choose to travel on Saturdays an Sundays as it's much cheaper.  Alternatively use a Polish lowcost airline                            

 Returns have a fixed price about 100 euros for a return.


As for 10 of May 2007 DIRECTFLY stopped all its passenger flights due to financial problems. Therefore flights amongst Polish cities are being operated only by LOT.