A savvy traveler is always prepared! If you know how to handle an emergency in Slovenia—call an ambulance, report a stolen passport, deal with a car accident—please share that important information with other travelers.

In almost all conditions you call 113 - Police. If you have car accident, and one of the participator is not Slovenian, you always have to call the police. They will also ask you if anyone is hurt and if you need ambulance. Check the important telephone numbers in Slovenia.

If your passport or wallet got stolen, you also need to call the police or just go to the nearest police station to make the remark.

There is extremely low number of stolen wallet cases in Slovenia. Almost the only possible situation, that someone steals your wallet is, if you forget it somewhere, like in a bar or on the beach. 

If you need ambulance or you need to report fire, etc, you can call 112 - Emergency call.

If you have car crash the police will give you all the information, but if you only have car problem or flat tire, you can call 1987 - AMZS (Auto-moto group, with Technical centers all over Slovenia.) They will always help you. You can also call their info center: +386 1 5305 200 to ask what are the current road conditions, where you can repair your car or everything else.

Other Slovenian Traffic webpage is: http://www.promet.si/?lang=2