The old part of Ljubljana is bounded on one side by the river and on the other by a canal. This makes it effectively an "island".

The city prides itself with beautiful and architecturally interesting bridges, including the most known Triple BridgeTriple Bridge

 the Wooden Bridge,

  The Wooden Bridge


across the river



 and the houses facing it 



 with some very old ones



hosting a lively cafes

cafe scene


under the castle hill there is the Cobbler's Bridge


 mirroring itself in the river

 Going further along the embankments, it is possible to walk around the "island" following the river, then the canal. It takes you to places off the tourist trail, but also gives you the opportunity to see some wildlife - Water Voles, Otters, river trout, ducks etc...Otter

The circumfernce is about 8 km and with a few stops can be undertaken in three hours. It is completely level.

seperation of river & canal 

There is no official path, but the tourist map is a good enough guide.