There are several ways to obtain information about safety warnings for tourists wishing to travel to foreign countries. The U.S. Department of State has safety information posted on the internet for most countries around the world.  In regard to Ljubljana, potential travelers can obtain information from the country of Slovenia’s Embassy website, or they can call 386-1-200-5595.

The United States government posts travel and safety warnings and advisories for all countries, no matter if the country poses a significant threat or not. In the case of Slovenia and Ljubljana, there are no serious warnings posted in regard to Americans traveling there at the current time. 

Ljubljana and Slovenia do not have a high crime rate. However, tourists are always the biggest targets for pick pocketing and purse snatching. Therefore, tourist should remain smart and cautious while in Ljubljana, and never carry wallets in an unsecured back pocket. If, for any reason, a United States passport is lost or stolen while in Slovenia, it must be reported immediately to the United States Embassy and the Slovenian police.

In case of a medical emergency while in Ljubljana, tourists need not worry. The medical facilities and hospitals in Slovenia are good and many of the doctors speak English. Medication is also available to anyone who needs it (with a prescription from a local doctor).

Slovenia has many hospitals and medical facilities situated all around the city. The doctors are helpful and many speak fluent english. Many family practices are located in the city too where you will be able to purchase medication from a doctor with a prescription provided . It is not too hard to locate a local doctor as there are many nearby.

The Ljubljana University Medical Centre is the largest hospital centre in all of Slovenia. In September 2010 the university was recorded to have over 2000 beds and over 7000 employees.