While many travelers are map phobic, maps can be very helpful when trying to navigate around in a foreign country.  Maps can be bought in the U.S. equivalent of convenience stores: news agents and tobacco shops.  You can also find them in book stores.

Busses are inexpensive and easy to use, but watch out for rush hour, as busses can be quite crowded at this time--you’ll need to use your elbows to secure a spot.  If you don’t be aggressive when trying to get on a crowded bus, others will pass you by.

Driving around is safe, but it can be confusing.  Watch for sudden one-way streets.  The roads are well kept, especially the toll highways.  If possible, stay on those, as they are safer and less confusing than the smaller roads.

One other tip: Rush hour traffic does exist, and the worst of the rush hour traffic happens, strangely, around noon.  Eight to nine in the morning and six to seven and night are also times of high traffic volume.

Agadir itself is relatively easy to get around on foot. From your beach front hotel to the center of town is maybe a 20 min walk; follow the beach towards the fort upon the hill, stick to the righthand pavement and you will come to an enclinement which swerves right, this will take you up to the Arab quarter where the shops are good and the prices are ok.

When you compare the price of hiring a car (expensive), and grabbing a petit taxi when you need to, you will probably go for the taxi everytime. For longer trips, take a taxi to Innezganne bus station and you will be surrounded by taxi drivers (Grand Taxis) - see how good your bartering skills are! You could negotiate a cab to Tiznit (a town famous for its silver shops), about 100km from Innezgane for a price of 140 Dirham (about 20 dollars), and they will gladly wait a few hours or more if you take the return trip with them.

Otherwise if you want to hire a car you can always look for good fares at the Agadir airport; however before leaving you may want to check or buy in advance your car rental. There are many resources online and many brokers which can make you save money for your holiday in Morocco.