The city of Fes can be reached by air from several European cities. The main hub is the Saïss Airport (arabic Mateer), which is a fairly new but rather small airport. It lacks any major amenities, it has a cafe ground side, and a cafe and small duty free flight side.  There is a airport bus that meets most arrivals and costs 20 dirhams to the centre of the 'New Town', there is also a local bus (No. 16) and there is usually plenty of taxis.   Rental cars are also available in the arrivals terminal at baggage claim.   It is only about a 20-minute drive to the city, and the taxicab service is generally very good.  Be sure to inquire about the fare ahead of time, as at Spring 2009 the fare was 120 to 150 dirham depending on your final destination.  The Taxi is prabably the best option if you are new to Fes, and especially if you are are staying at one of the many guesthouses in the old medina.  To return to the airport the Grand Taxi stand is just downhill from McDonalds, or have your guesthouse reserve one for you.   You can also get local Bus No. 16 from the Train Station but allow lots of time if taking this option.


Fes has train links will all major Moroccan cities, see the excellent for timetables.  There are regular direct trains to Rabat (3 hours), Casablanca (4 hours) and Marrakech (7.5 hours).  There is also 1 direct daily train to Tangier, but many more by connecting at Sidi Kacem.  There are also 2 direct trains a day to Ouija in the East.   Train is probably the best 'land' mean of reahing Fes.    The station (La Gare) is located in the new town and is currently undergoing restoration, .   A red petit taxi to the medina should cost no more than 15 dirhams (May 2009) depending on your exact final destination.  However if you book a pick-up from your guesthouse cost significently more (maybe up to 100 dhms)  as the bigger Grand Taxis are used.


Fes has bus links with all major Moroccan towns.   There are 2 Bus Stations (arabic Mah-hata or Routierre) , the Main Bus station is next to the medina Ring road, not far from Bab Boujuloud.  The other is the CTM station in the 'Atlas' district in the new town. 

Grand Taxi

You can also reach/depart from Fes by Grand Taxi, these are large Old Mercedes which are shared between 6 passangers, 2 in front seat, 4 in the rear.  It is more comfortable to pay 2 places per person, in that case you can sit alone in the front, or with 3 people in the back instead of 4. The Main Grand Taxi stands (arabic Mah-hata Grand Taxi) are at the Train Station (for Meknes etc), the main Bus Station (for Moulay Yacoub etc) and the CTM Station (for destinations south, e.g. Ifrane, Immouzer, Azrou etc) . There is also a smaller Grand Taxi stand just downhill from McDonalds, this is for Sefrou (60 dhm per car, 10 dhm pp) or the Airport (Mateer, 120 dhm per car)

It is better to take a grand taxi than to take a bus. Busses never give you correct departuretimes. They will tell you that the bus will leave immediately or within 10minutes, but they don't, they wait untill there are enough passengers, which can take up to 1 hour. Most buses are also smelling awfull.

Only CTM and the trains have reliable departuretimes, other buscompanies not.