To explore the city, or rather two cities of Fes on foot is generally the best way to take in all the best sights. The city isn’t that large and it is easy to get to major attractions by walking. Additionally the taxis in the city are generally inexpensive, but as always confirm the fare before beginning your trip. Be warn that the drivers would be considered “ruthless” by many rider’s standards in getting to the destination as quickly as possible.

The public bus system is typically overcrowded, and it is known for pickpockets and other petty crime. Unless you only have a short trip on the bus, the best bet might be to take a taxi, as the money you’d spend isn’t that much more.

Rental cars are also available if you need to go further afield, but the rural roads outside of Fes are narrow and poorly paved, if they’re paved at all. Likewise, it is common to see pedestrians, scooters, taxis, buses and even animal-drawn carts on the roadways, including the major highways! If you’re going further out, consider the train, which is generally on time, not overly crowded and fairly comfortable.