Rental cars are available at the airport, at some of the upscale resorts in the area and in the city center. Driving can be a bit difficult, as especially as the city can be extremely congested and the roads outside of the city poorly pave, if they’re paved at all. Be cautious of other drivers, and in Fes, as with much of Morocco it isn’t uncommon for the drivers to be extremely aggressive.

Taxicabs do not use meters in Fes, and finding a cab generally isn’t a problem. In fact you’ll probably be offered a ride quite often. Cabs are available in the city center, at most hotels and can be hailed on the streets. The drivers are typically courteous, and they will take you in the most direct route, especially as there is no meter. Their driving can be described as intense, as they’ll drive as quickly as possible!

 It is a gray area at best as to what determines a licensed cab from others. So be cautious when accepting rides, and always try and negotiate the fare ahead of time. After dark the cab fare can be as much as double, but don’t feel you have to settle on the first suggested fare the driver suggests. Haggling is part of the charm of just about everything in Fes.