Dar es Salaam is the most economically and politically important city in the country, with a high concentration of manufacturing, trading and service industries in comparison to the rest of the country. The city also has the country’s largest seaport, located on the Indian Ocean, the central terminal for the national railway, and an international airport. As such, this is by far the most affluent city in Tanzania. Business in Dar es Salaam revolves around the seaport, where many cafes offer a splendid view of the many ships going in and out of the harbor.

Due to the role it plays in international trade, the culture of Dar es Salaam shows many influences from other cultures. There are a large number of foreigners, especially those of Arabic and Indian origin, who run small businesses in the city. You will also find sizable minorities of German and British residents. The suburbs at the outskirts tend to be inhabited mostly by African natives. Interaction between members of different races is infrequent, though racial violence is rarely a problem. Religious tolerance is also fairly high, with Muslims, Catholics and Lutherans (the major denominations) usually getting along.

The official language of Tanzania is Swahili, but English is widely spoken as well.