Just a few words for now to remember .



Hello.... AAslemma 

Goodbye .. Bislemma  

Formal Hello: as-salam alaykum

Formal Hello (response): wa alaykum e-salam

Goodbye (person leaving): Besslema

Goodbye (person staying): alla ysalmak

Good morning: sabaH ala-kheir

Good afternoon: sabaH al-nour

Good night: tisbaH ala-kheir

Welcome: ahlan wa sahlan OR marHaba

Thank You........ Shukran (or aaeshik in tunisien)

No Thank You ....... La Shukran

Please ... Min Fadhlik ( or amon)

 aandik (double a said from back of throat) ... do you have

aandi-------- II have (can't use capital 'i' or personal pronouns - TripAdvisor rules throw up anomoly)

samahhni (double h harsh h)-----sorry

 sbalakher---- good morning

sahhelkher--- good night

 shismek?---- what's your name

ena ismi----  my name is

Qadesh? --- How much? 

You will hear these phrases alot.... ya rabbi ( oh god) bisme'allah (in the name of god) insha'allah( hopefully) hamdoulilah( thanks to god. usually said when you're full)