Items that you will require to cross the Cameroonian border include:-

A Valid passport with at least six months validity remaining on it.

A Cameroon Visa - obtainable from the Cameroon Embassy of your home country. Their website,

provides the necessary addressess and links for your country, however the website is out of date and if you follow the steps it provides your visa will not be provided. The items that you need to send to the Embassy to apply for your visa are:-

Your passport
A letter of invitation [to show your reason for visiting Cameroon]
A copy of your return flight ticket
A copy of a current bank statement [to prove you have funds]
2 x completed visa application forms, each with a passport photograph
The fee [£59.00 at the time of writing]
A pre-paid special delivery envelope - undated] THEY WILL NOT RETURN YOUR PASSPORTS WITHOUT THIS

The application usually takes about 7 working days - take care, if there is a problem with your application - THEY DO NOT CONTACT YOU - it is up to you to keep on top of the application - I would suggest that you contact them a few days after sending your application to see if they have received it, then again if it hasn't arrived within 5 days.

You will also need a valid Yellow Fever Vaccination certificate to enter Cameroon - the certificate must show that the vaccination took place at least 6 weeks before travel. In the UK, many GP surgeries DO NOT offer Yellow Fever vaccination, and a special centre is required. Your local GP surgery should be able to provide you with the contact details for this. The vaccination usually requires for an appointment to be made and it costs £90.00 per person.

Remember, when you leave Cameroon - you will need to pay an exit charge at the airport - Approximately £15.00