If you tire of hanging out at your beach hotel or cruising the streets for shopping, eating and meeting the locals, you might want to take a little trip to a lesser known tourist spot. Since Banjul is known as the spot where you can get a feel for "true" Africa, visiting one of these spots should give you just that feel.

How about the crocodile park, just outside of Banjul in Bakau? Here you can get up close and personal with a few friendly crocodiles, and enjoy watching them in their habitat. There is a small admission fee, but most visitors say it’s worth it.

Or take a little side trip to one of the many fishing villages along the Banjul coast. If you time it just right, you can watch the various boats coming in from fishing trips and watch as locals help get the various day’s catches ashore and get “paid” with a few fish. You can also visit one of the nearby fishing smoking sheds, where the fish get smoked before heading to market.

Visit the other side of the Gambia River for a colorful and lively visit to a ferry port, where you can watch a number of people getting on and off boats and enjoy the lively spirit in that and the colorful clothes and spirited talk inherent in this.