There are a myriad of books designed to help you plan your trip to Banjul. Here’s a sampling:

*It’s possible to go to Banjul and live like a king on a pauper’s salary. Pick up a copy of “Lonely Planet Africa on a Shoestring” for some tips to help you do this. This covers the whole of Africa, of course, and it focuses quite a bit on camping and using free or very low cost lodging such as backpacking, but there are excellent suggestions throughout for planning a low-cost trip to Banjul or other parts of Africa.

*Another Lonely Planet guide that might help you plan your trip to Banjul is “Lonely Planet Healthy Travel Africa” which examines a variety of ways you can stay healthy on your trip to Africa. From the Lonely Planet Healthy Guides series, this book offers tips for how to handle any wildlife hazards you might encounter, safety tips for a variety of outdoor activities you might engage in while visiting Banjul and tips on how to handle a variety of travel-related illnesses.

*“The Insight Guide to Gambia and Senegal" might be useful as well. This book offers full-color photography to take you to Banjul before you even really arrive, and hundreds of tips to make your travels easier and more pleasant.