When visiting Banjul, there are a few things you should do to protect your personal safety.

First, it’s unwise to talk about how wealthy your country is, or how much money you have, or how inexpensive things are. Don’t show your wallet or flaunt your wealth in any way. In fact, some suggest not bringing fancy jewelry and keeping your jewelry and other flashy things to a minimum.

Banjul is considered a fairly safe city by day, but many visitors say to stay inside once it’s dark. There is a high rate of mugging and petty theft here and you are more likely to be victimized, of course, at night. If you do venture out, it's best to do so with a resident of Banjul who can help you navigate safely.

Be sure to ignore the people you might find following you around looking for a handout. They are usually harmless, and if you ignore them, they should go away, but they will follow you around asking for anything you’re willing to give and could become bothersome if you don’t make it clear from the start you are unwilling to provide for them.

If you are in, or have to go through, the dock area, beware of the poor air quality, due to exhaust fumes, particularly if you are asthmatic..