If you’re seeking some official travel information for visiting the Gambia and Banjul, you have several options.

Visit the Gambia Tourism Authority for a wealth of information about visiting the Gambia, including Banjul. Much of the basic information – about crime, customs, shopping and even where to find a supermarket – can be found right on the home page. Dig a little further and you’ll find information about tourism, how to find out if you need a Visa or other documents to get into the country and much more.

At The Africa Guide ( www.africaguide.com) there is quite a bit of official tourist information to help you plan you trip. From the country’s currency to a list of official holidays, this site can help you plan the best time to visit and what to do once you’re there.

If you click on maps at the Africa Guide website, you can see a map of all of Africa, then click on Gambia for information about this destination. Once there, you can get a list of recommended maps and reading, basic background information about the Gambia and travel here, as well as other interesting and helpful tips.

Finally don’t overlook www.banjul.info, where many of your travel questions will be answered, from what’s the weather like to where you should consider staying while visiting.