Banjul’s weather can best be described as subtropical, with wet, hot summers and average temperatures in winter of 30 c during the day and 23 c at night.

Visiting here anytime of the year will bring you relative climate comfort, very little rain falls in the winter months.

Summertime in Banjul can be hot and steamy. Temperatures can reach up into the hundreds inland (up to 110 degrees during the particularly hot months of June through October) in many parts of Gambia but in Banjul things will be considerably cooler, thanks to its location on the water. But if you do visit Banjul from June to October, be prepared for those warm days and warm nights (lows usually sit in the high 60s and low 70s at night).

During the summer months, be sure to prepare for rain. Even with all that heat, this is the rainy season, so be prepared not only for rains but the accompanying humidity.

If you visit Banjul during the months of November to May, this is the dry season and it’s also very warm compared to most parts of the world during these months. You can expect temperatures ranging from the mid 40s at night to low 80s during the day. It  regularly gets into the 90s during these dry winter months. Be sure to pack accordingly.