Sure, Angelina and Brad might take their kids to Africa, but depending on why you’re visiting Banjul, you might want to think twice before taking your young children here.

First, there aren’t too many family-friend activities here. That’s not to say the city isn’t family friendly. To say that would be inaccurate. But if your children are young and desire or demand to be entertained, they will be sorely disappointed in Banjul. Beyond the beach hotels, there’s an interesting world to discover, but your kids might be more interested in finding whatever activity is offered at the hotel. That’s OK, too.

There are very friendly children all around Banjul who might want to befriend you or your children. They want you to provide “donations” for them, and will often ask for your address so they can “keep in touch”. Chatting with these children – who are likely from a very different culture than your own – can provide a wonderful experience for your children, but do as most visitors suggest and keep your distance.

Now, if you’re heading for Banjul to visit with family and friends, their children might be able to give your kids ideas for fun things to do. Be sure they stay safe by coming in before dark each night.