So if you’re shopping in Banjul, you’re not buying crystal to send home. This isn’t the place to buy a fine suit or a myriad of other items you might get on other vacations. This is the place to purchase beautiful fabrics and gorgeous fruit, beautiful art and amazing local handcrafts.

Banjul travel experts recommend a few places and tips for shipping in Banjul.

First, be prepared to haggle. If you’re from America, this seems like a strange and distant concept. But prepare yourself and then have fun. The shopkeepers expect a little haggling and it’s part of the fun of shopping. Don’t insult anyone by low-balling the price too much – you want to get a deal, but make it fair for your business owner as well. Just ask for a few off here and there. You might be surprised with the deal you find.

If you are staying at a beach hotel, be sure to buy fruit from the women that will come around with fruit on their heads. They balance the fruit on plates, which is balanced on their head, and will sell you the fruit and sometimes gracefully peel it for you as well. Again, haggle, but be sure to offer them a fair deal.

Head to the outskirts of Banjul to pick up beautiful fabrics in the markets there. You can purchase unusual and interesting tie-died tablecloths, napkins and bolts of fabric just waiting for your creativity. Again, shopkeepers expect you to bargain or haggle, and sometimes even trade. If you have any item that’s hard to find in the Gambia (diapers or bras, for instance) you can sometimes trade your wanted item for the Gambian’s wanted item.