Although Malawi has a number of Game Parks , in all likelyhood Safari companies will take you across the border to neighbouring Zambia and the South Luangwa Game reserve. Setting off from Lilongwe the trip will take you something in the range of 7 or 8 hours ( although an hour of this will be spent at the border).

Crossing in to the Zambia you will require a yellow fever certificate and $50 for a Visa. Many of the tourist destinations and camps etc will accept American Dollar there and so you will need to take very few Zambian Kwatchas with you. Beware of the money changers actually at the border, this is a high risk transaction where the quickness of the hand may well deceive the eye , travel 15 minutes from the border to the first town and you will find a foreign exchange on the right hand side.

You can  travel from Lilongwe with Kiboko Safaris, the four day trip costing  $450 per person. This is obvioulsy a budget safari, which could manifest itself in delays due to lack of vehicle maintenance, etc.

All this said the actual Safari guides were excellent and game was a plenty and all the big 5 were sighted in their plenty, it is also possible to watch a leopard stalking Impala only some twenty feet away; this is an extremely rare sight and one to be cherished.

The park is well controlled and marshalled and speaking to those in the know in Malawi itself is the recommended location to visit for Game as opposed to any in Malawi itself.

South Luangwa is well worth a visit and there are camp sites a plenty there, game is plenty and readily visible , the park is open between 7am and 8pm and a map is available for purchase from the entrance gate for a very reasonable price im told. You will need a four wheel drive vehicle without doubt, but rather than go yourself It is recommended that you travel with a guide who will know the location of the animals - the park is far too large to go seeking them out for yourself.