Taipei is in a subtropical climate, so you will not see four distinct seasons in Taipei.  The best times to visit are during the fall, when the weather is a little cooler, and rainfall is at its lowest.



Summer (June – August)


Summers in Taipei are hot and humid.  During this time temperatures can go up to 95°F (35°C), so if you are visiting be prepared to sweat a lot.  From June through October, the island may also be subject to tropical cyclones or 'typhoons', which bring thunderstorms and may cause flooding in low-lying areas.



These months are usually the off peak period for tourists, so if you are looking for budget travel options, and potentially discounts from hotel, this could be a good time to travel to Taipei. 



Also, in the Chinese Luna calendar July (roughly starts late August) is the Ghost Month, if you are in Taipei, there many festivals and interesting religious ceremonies to observe.



Fall (September – November)


In Taipei, the daytime temperatures and night temperatures are fairly similar; there is no cooling effect at night.  So, it is much more enjoyable to go when the weather is not so hot and humid.  October and November are great months to visit Taipei from the weather perspective. The average temperature in November is around 68°F (20°C).  It is not too hot, and you can go out during the day or night to enjoy the sights and attractions. 



October is also the official end of the tropical cyclone (typhoon) season, so there is less rain and more sunny days.



Winter (December – February)


If you are not a fan of the rain, then maybe you should consider December or January for your travels.  These are the driest months, though just be warned, it can rain any month of the year in Taipei.  The coldest days in Taipei rarely drop below 50°F (10°C), and if you are wearing the right clothing, still great weather for walking around the city. 



Try to avoid the Chinese New Year period to visit Taipei.  The Chinese New Year runs on the Luna calendar, but it is usually at the end of January or early February.  During this time, many stores and restaurants will be closed, the roads will be jammed with families traveling for the holidays and as a result, accommodations prices could be almost double what you would otherwise pay.



Spring (March – May)


Spring average temperatures are similar to the fall, around 70°F (20°C), however, the amount of rain can be unpredictable.  One year, spring could be great for travelling, and another year, rain all the time.  So, you would be trying your luck when visiting in spring.  The good news is if it is too wet outside, there are plenty of restaurants, shopping malls to go to.