The Laguna Resorts area of Phuket is one of the most attractive and enchanting areas of the island.  The area is bordered by Surin and Bang Tao Beaches to the south and Layan Beach to the north.

 Many people think the area is devoid of things to do as it is a good 25 minutes drive from Patong - but, in fact, this area offers a whole different experience from the "night life" areas of Phuket.  A much more quiet and relaxing experience.

 The beaches in the area offer many great restaurants right on the sand - including the Lotus:

Photo of the Lotus Restaurant 

The Lotus is only one of many great beach restaurants that stretch the full length of Bang Tao Beach and Bay.  The Lotus is near the Bayan Tree Resort on the north end of the beach - but there are many others outside the beachfront of all the resorts in the complex: from Wantana in front of the Sheraton to the Tam Yam Goong just south of the Laguna Beach Resort.

Also near the Banyan Tree adn right on the beach is Tony Phuket who also offer free pick up in the Laguna area. Great food and great location and also not expensive.

 Just outside the resorts entrance are many bars and restaurants - Thai AND international - Totos, great Italian; Tatonka, Dedos, Supper Club, and Peppers with international cuisines - to Lakeside, Fusion, and more with great Thai selections. There is also a great sandwhic shop with smoothies too called Khun Woody's Bakery. 

Just around the southern headland of Bang Tao Bay is Surin Beach - a favorite of the local expat crowd and the local Thais.  Why?  Over 25 great beach shack restaurants - and a great beach for the evening sunset.

If you want to avoid resort prices for massages and meals - both these areas offer you so many choices that you won't exhaust them even if you stay for two weeks or more. 

For a great massage - or just a hair cut - try Surin Hair and Beauty - just 60 meters to the north of the very popular Twin Palms Resort: Surin Hair and Beauty  staff at Surin Hair and Beauty

Locals rarely find the need to go south to Patong, Kata or Karon Beaches for a great meal, massage, or other activities. 

Don't be shy - try the quieter - and a bit upscale areas around the Laguna Resorts complex. 

The Canal Village within the Laguna complex has, in addition to upscale shopping  a supermarket and the Albatros retaurants with a pleasant waterside ambience and good food at reasonable prices