Hot and Dry Season: February - April
Av tem Av rainfall Overview
20 - 32 oC 51mm Runs from the middle of February to the middle of April. Humidity levels start to climb and rainfall steadily increases during April.
Monsoon Season: May - September
Av tem Av rainfall Overview
24 - 31 oC 244mm Rain falls in short heavy showers, mainly during the night, often with thunderstorms. The positive benefit of these rains is that longer stretches of the Mekong River become navigable in high water.
Cool and Dry Season: November - February
Av tem Av rainfall Overview
17 - 29 oC 26mm From November through to early February temperatures are pleasant and rainfall is low

Throughout the year temperatures drop quite dramatically in mountain areas such as the Bolovens Plateau and Xieng Khuong Province - take adequate cold weather clothes when visiting these areas.

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