Crossing the border from Vietnam: If you are coming overland, the top tip is to bring plenty of cash to exchange. There are limited ATMs at most arrival points, and if you want to be able to take your time and enjoy your travel without making a rushed detour or beeline to a town with an ATM it is crucial. Visas are issued at the border on arrival for most nationalities. It is best to pay in $US dollars if you have them available, other exchange rates are not so good. Make sure you have a few extra dollars for all the "additional charges" such as paying for your temperature tobe taken, working out of hours or for yet another person to check the stamp is in your passport before they hand it over. The additional charges don't add to much, and seems to keep employment up, so about 5 extra dollars will gernally nore than cover it (it more like a dollar - but it can vary depending on the time of day).