shalom = hello, goodbye, peace 

boker tov = good morning

erev tov = good evening

layla tov = good night

todah = thank you

todah raba = thank you very much

bevakasha = please (and also "you're welcome" in response to saying "todah")

le'hitra'ot = goodbye

eyfoh hasherutim = where are the toilets? (always good to know for those "urgent" moments!)

lama? = why?

ma nishma? or ma koreh? or ma hamatzav? = whassup?

beseder = ok/fine (can be used as a response to any of the above "whassup" questions)

balagan = a uniquely israeli word meaning mess/chaos. we use it quite regularly over here!

nachon ("ch" = same pronunciation as the spanish "j") = that's right, correct

mis'ada = restaurant 

tafrit = menu

cafeh hafuch (see "nachon" for pronunciation of "ch") = the closest you'll get to cappucino coffee in israel

al tagid li shtuioth = don't tell me nonsense 

kama ze oleh?= how much does it cost?

eyn bayah = no problem

na'im me'od = pleased to meet you

mayim, b'vakeshah = water, please

eyfo tachanat autobus? = where is the bus stop?

bishvil matana, b'vakeshah = literally, "it's for a gift, please"; in effect, "please gift-wrap this item"