Currency in Bolivia,

When traveling throughout Bolivia and first arriving in Bolivia, it is best to have American dollars on you and  would also suggest traveling with a Visa Credit and Debit card.  Most places prefer and will only accept cash, Bolivianos, some will accepts U.S. Dollars, but not many. Cash can be got safely from a few ATMs in different cities, getting fewer and fewer the more rural you get. You can get about 10 Bolivianos to the British pound (correct in Aug/Sept 2011).  In the larger cities, you can change out U.S. Dollars either on the street corners, people specifically do this for a living, however, the exchange rate might not be as good as the bank, and watch out for counterfit money. Many shops we saw srutinising notes to make sure.  When changing out money make sure that the the dollar bills (they will most likely want $20 or $50) are straight and crisp with no tears or writing on them otherwise they will probably not accept them.  Make sure to always carry with you small denominations espcially for the taxi rides.