The artificial islands of the Lau and Langa Langa Lagoons in Malaita are unique to Solomon Islands. Hundreds of years ago, the people started to build fortified islands from reef stones, to protect themselves from enemies. The have the added advantage of being cooler and less humid than the mainland, and being mosquito-free. Staying on one of these islands is like living on a ship, or in the middle of the swimming pool, if it is a small, one-family island. You go to sleep to the sound of the waves on the reef a few hundred yards away. 

During the day, you can watch fish, squid and other marine wild-life swim under the floor boards, and the children often catch fish from the house or verandah. This is a great place for fresh-caught seafood.

The culture of these people is also fascinating. You can see the manufacture of traditional shell money, watch traditional dancing, and observe the traditional facial engraving that these people have practised for centuries.

Several homestays are available in these lagoons, where you can live with the local people for a while.