Transport within Giza is by your own two feet for the most part. However, you will need to rely on some sort of public or private transport to get to the pyramids of Giza. Most visitors arrive in the area from Cairo. There are a number of buses that you can take from Cairo. The No 355/357 bus route provides service from locations in Cairo to Giza. One of the most popular stops (albeit unofficial) is behind the Egyptian Museum in Cairo where people gather to hop on the bus to Giza. The No 355/357 buses are large, comfortable, and have air conditioning, a welcome luxury during the hot days of summer. Bus fare costs around E£2.

There is also microbus service to Giza. These buses are often very crowded and much less comfortable that the normal bus service. Fares on the microbuses cost around 25 pt.

A final option is to take a taxicab. A fare from downtown Cairo to Giza should cost around E£15. To save some money (and beat traffic), you should consider taking the Cairo metro down to the Giza stop, where you can hail a taxi for the E£5 fare to the pyramids.