In many hotels in Luxor, going out the front entrance can be a nightmare for some because of the hassle and can put many off from leaving the hotels. So this Article is intended to give any tips to do this. Although this first section is about the Winter Palace, any additional hotel details are welcomed if they have the same abilities, although it may be the case that it is only in the WP that you can do this!

Winter Palace or the Pavilion.

Go to Pavilion reception. Management ask that you give them your room number, so they can tell the security at the back gate. This gets you back in to the hotel again!

Take a TORCH!!! - If you get back after sunset there are few/no streetlights on this road

Go up the short corridor to the left of reception, then............

To Left of Reception 

and out through the door on the left (Just behind the baggage carrier in this photo). A short flight of steps leads to the road.

Steps outside 

Turn right and follow the road, keeping to the left, up to the back gate. Remember it is a staff entrance route - do not expect the tidiest route you have ever seen!!

 Follow road round to left & up to the gate

Before you go through it, make sure security has seen you, since it makes it easier to get back in.

 You exit to the traffic chaos, both vehicular & pedestrian, that is the roundabout at the end of Television Street. Missing will be the cries of ‘Tax!’ and ‘Caleche!’

Google Earth view shows the two routes to the gate Map  Ignore the obvious Yellow route from the pool - The gate at the end is usually locked. The green one is described above and the red one starts to the right of the Pool Staff's desk.