There are several ways to get from place to place in Luxor.  Firstly, as most of the incoming flights to Egypt arrive at Cairo International Airport, getting from the capital to Luxor can be done by plane, taxi, rental car, train, or bus.

For those who are brave enough to drive a car, there are several 24 hour car rental services from Cairo airport, including major companies such as National, Avis and Hertz.  Rental cars require a minimum age of 25 and an international driver’s licence. 

Flights to Luxor from Cairo are by Egypt's own national airline, Egyptair however, Luxor boasts it's own international airport and flights land daily from all over the world. Tourists in groups will have pre-arranged coaches or private cars waiting for them on arrival for the short trip into Luxor city and individual travellers can arrange for car services with any of the many tourist companies in Luxor.

There are only a few opportunities to rent a car in Luxor but the best method of getting around this ancient city would be by private limousine service which is operated by the owner/driver. These cars are late model air-conditioned sedans which will take you anywhere in Upper Egypt with a minimum of fuss and are reasonably priced. They can be accessed by most of the tour companies in Luxor and can also be booked for trips to Aswan and Hurghada on the Red Sea. Travel to these areas will be in convoys protected by military vehicles to ensure the safety of the travellers.

The black & white taxi fleet of Luxor is currently in the process of being updated and within 12 months all Luxor taxis will be new vehicles. Please determine the fare before you enter the vehicle and always give a tip. State exactly where you want to go and have a fair idea of how much you would be expected to pay to avoid any problems at the end of the journey.

As buses are everywhere and cheap, going by bus from place to place is the most “local” way to travel and a terrific experience for those wanting to get a unique insight into to the Egyptian way of life.  Bus schedules and fares can be obtained by your local hotel although most tourists prefer private limousine cars and taxis.

More exotic forms of transportation include horse-drawn carriages, bikes, donkeys, camels, and boats.  As with taxis, one should make sure that the rate or fare is predetermined before committing to any of these services. 

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Horse carriages are a great way to get around in the city.  They move slow enough that you see the city better than in a taxi and fast enough that you get to your destination quickly.  The cost to have a horse carriage at your disposal for 5 hours is about 50LE (approx $10 USD).  Horse carriages are plentiful and traffic in the city does not move fast enough to make it unsafe.