Immigration Regulations

Your passport must be valid for at least six months from your date of arrival or you may be denied admission. If arriving on a tourist visa, you must also show proof of onward journey in the form of a return or through ticket.   

If you want to stay in Indonesia as a tourist for more than 30 days, you can apply for a 60-day tourist visa at your nearest Indonesian Embassy before travelling. There are also 6 month socia / business visas available.

If you have to visit an immigration office, make sure you wear formal clothes and proper shoes.


VOA - Visa On Arrival

The 30-day Visa On Arrival needs little preparation. You need to make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months from the day of arrival and you will need at least one empty page in your passport.

36 countries are eligible for the Indonesian 30-day Visa On Arrival. A list of countries whose citizens are eligible for this Visa On Arrival is available on the website for the Indonesian Embassy in your country. 

This website also has list of current countries that are elegible for the Indonesian 30-day Visa On Arrival. It also shows a sample of the white immigration card you will need to complete before entering Indonesia and a copy of the custom declaration form.

The 30-day VOA costs USD 35 per person (as of 3 July 2014). USD cash is the preferred currency for payment however most other major currencies are accepted also. A list showing what amount you should pay in the currency you choose is displayed on the counters each day.

VOA payment booths are found in all Indonesian international airports and seaports, typically just before the immigration counter.  Submit your receipt for visa payment together with your passport and arrival card at the Immigration Desk.

Beware ... of the 30-day counting policy!  Indonesian Immigration officials count the 30-day period as follows: you arrive on the 1st day with, for instance, a 30-day visa, and you must leave on the 30th day (not the 31st or the first of the next month, as you might think). This is equivalent to 29 nights.

As of 2010, the 30-day Visa On Arrival can be extended one time only for another 30 days. This must be done at an immigration office, and needs to be started latest one week before your VOA expires. The extension process can require up to 3 separate visits.  The cost for the 30-day extension is another  USD 35.


Visa Free Entry

There are 43 countries and 2 regions that do not require to apply for a visa before travelling and neither need to pay for the visa on arrival. These countries and regions are; Brunei, Cambodia, Chile, Ecuador, Hong Kong SAR, Laos, Macua SAR, Malaysia, Morocco, Myanmar, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam (continue here to see a complete list of the 45 countries that get a 30 day free visa into Indonesia).

Nationals of these countries will get a free 30 day visa upon arrival in Indonesia. This visa is not extendable.

Overstaying Your Visa

The official penalty for overstaying your visa will is IDR 300,000 per day for a maximun of 60 days overstay. This is payable to the immigration office at the airport on departure. If you overstay for more than 60 days you will get a hefty fine and a possible prison sentence.


Departure Tax

As of 9 February 2015 the airport departure tax is included in the price of the ticket. If you have booked and paid for your flight before 9 February 2015 then you will still need to pay the following departure tax;

- Rp 200,000 per passenger at the Bali Ngurah Rai Airport (DPS)

- Rp 150,000 per passenger at the Jakarta Airport (CGK)