The best time to travel to Arequipa is during the Southern Hemisphere’s dry winter season, which runs from May through September. The vast majority of tourists arrive during July and August, which means larger crowds, more tightly packed flights, and more expensive accommodations. If possible, try to plan your trip earlier, in May, or later, in September, when you can still enjoy the best weather conditions but avoid the crowds. During those months you can expect clear, sunny days with mild temperatures, and surprisingly chilly nights. Tourists also flock to Peru from mid-December through mid-January. And keep in mind that many Peruvians travel around July 28, which is a national holiday, so finding a hotel can be near impossible.


November through April, which is summer in the Southern Hemisphere, is also the wet season. The heaviest rains typically get started sometime in January and can last on and off for four months. Temperatures at that time range from about 75 degrees Fahrenheit to as high as the upper 90s.