There are fifty nine different neighborhoods (or barrios) throughout Montevideo.  (More information and a map detailing the locations of the different neighborhoods can be found at .)  Despite the large number of neighborhoods in the area, there are only a few which travelers really need to know about in order to make sure that they hit all of the key spots in the city during their stay.

The most well-known of Montevideo neighborhoods is the “Ciudad Vieja” (or Old Town) which is the historic neighborhood where a large number of the city’s attractions are located.  Meandering through this area on foot is the best way to experience the history and culture of Montevideo.  Travelers who are interested in contrasting this experience with a more modern experience of Montevideo will find that the best way to do so is to head from here to Plaza Independencia, which marks a barrier between the historical and the modern aspects of Montevideo.  From there, they should head to Pocitos, which is the most modern of Montevideo’s neighborhoods.  This is where travelers can find shopping malls and fast food.

Visitors seeking a unique cultural experience during their Montevideo stay will find that Barrio Sur is the best place to go.  This is the neighborhood where Montevideo’s African community is centralized and travelers will find that the cultural events taking place there are of a style quite different than that of other locations in Montevideo.