Travelers will find that, of the major tourist destinations in South America, Montevideo is one of the safest.  In comparison with larger cities throughout the area, street crime is low and risks to tourists are few.  Despite this, visitors should be aware that there are some risks to traveling in the area.

The primary cause for concern is the increasing rate of petty theft crime in the area.  Usually, this happens in the form of pick pocketing, although cell phone snatching and other modern street crimes are also increasing.  Travelers should remain alert at all times.  The most common locations for problems of this nature are the Ciudad Vieja ( ) and Avenida 18 de Julio, due primarily to the fact that these are the locations most crowded at night when street crimes are likely to occur.  Travelers can protect themselves from risks by being aware of their surroundings, taking cabs instead of walking at night, and keeping limited amounts of cash on their person.  It is strongly recommended that visitors utilize any safe deposit box services available in their hotels.

In case of emergency, visitors should know that the best English-language hospital in the area is the British Hospital located on Avenida Italia.