Here's an item that might prove of some importance. Like many travelers, we purchase our flight tickets online. I guess that you'd call them "e-tickets". Anyhow, we ran into trouble when we were leaving the Cook Islands because we didn't have actual tickets...only the confirmation documents that we printed after our online purchase. Evidently, it's not the same thing. Here's where the problem arises. If it's your intention to enter New Zealand from the Cook Islands, and you're not a kiwi, you're supposed to have an actual ticket for a flight indicating when you're leaving NZ. The nice folks at Air New Zealand became quite "sticky" on this point. Although we had a purchased "e-ticket" - with Qantas - which showed when we'd be leaving New Zealand, they said it wasn't the same as a "real" ticket. It took a serious amount of haggling before they'd issue us a boarding pass. When we arrived in NZ, we discussed the matter with customs and they informed us that, technically, this was correct, but that they never enforced this rule. Still, with it being on the books, Air New Zealand was correct. Accordingly, you might want to insist that your carrier issue you a "proper" ticket, prior to entering the Cook Islands.