Urgup summers are very hot, and, though dry, nighttime weather here can often be uncomfortable.  At the other extreme, winters are frigid and full of snow, thus leaving spring and fall as the optimal seasons in which to visit.  Located in the center of Turkey, Urgup is backed by mountains and temperatures can dip as low as thirteen degrees below zero in the dead of winter but top triple digits in searing summer heat.

If you come before mid-June, but after March, the tourist congestion in the region will not be bad and the weather will be mild.  Although the sun sets quicker in the fall, Ugurp’s climate does not get uncomfortable until late November, when visitors start to drain out—and prices for just about everything drop significantly.  Summer is hot and full of traffic.

April 23 is the country’s Independence Day and August 30th its V-Day, and many fun festivals take place during these times.  In December, the Eid-el-Adha/Kurban Bayrami holiday, Islam’s most important festival, sees an increased traffic through the region caused by an influx of Muslims making a pilgrimage to Mecca.  Though festive, Ugurp, as well as all of Turkey, becomes rather congested at this time.

The autumnal month of Ramadan is marked by an increase in solemnity and asceticism and does not make for the most celebratory time of year in Urgup.