By Bus 

Travelling between cities in Malaysia is very convenient by bus form Johor Bahru. Basically Johor Bahru is connected with almost all the major cities of Malaysia. For the bus companies and the routing detail, please refer to below link.

Website: Journey Malaysia 

Tickets can be bought at various counters at the bus stations and are extremely cheap compared to. Price difference between companies is usually only a few Ringgit. Almost all the domestic buses in Johor Bahru operate from the Larkin Bus Terminal. How to get to Larkin Bus Terminal:

  • By Bus: You can take the bus which stated very cleary that going to "Larkin" from the Eastern Hub (Bus stop) infront of the Johor Bahru CIQ Complex. The "Larkin" means Larkin Bus Terminal.
  • By Taxi: You need to bargain the taxi fare with the taxi driver, the fare is vary depends to the place that you get the taxi.

At almost every bus station in Malaysia you will be approached by "runners" trying to make you buy a ticket from a company which pays them a commission. Don't worry, they make a lot of noise but are otherwise harmless. If you tell them you already have a ticket they will leave you alone. Try to have your trip/bus company figured out beforehand and just go to the appropriate counter. As mentioned, there is not much price difference between companies. Find out which bus leaves first , how many stops it makes and how long these last.
Tip: be sure to take a jacket or sweater on board because the air conditioning can sometimes be very cold! And yes, like everywhere else in the world: wach out for pick pockets. 

By Train:

Johor Bahru is also connected to other cities by KTM Malaysia. You may refer the cities that connected to Johor Bahru from below link:

KTM Berhad Malaysia: 

* Different train will end in different arrival point.