When you arrived at Johor Bahru Airport - Senai Aiport, there are two option transportation to go to the city. First option, by bus which is must follow the bus schedule. Second option, by taxi. Preffer taxi since bring the kids for comfort reason.  At entrace area there is counter taxi just let them know your destination, You must pay directly at the counter. Taxi fare around 45 ringgit malaysia to the city, City Square.

Before leaving the airport if you feel hungry or need rest, there are some choices for restaurant: Secret recipe, Kentucky Fried Chicken  and Subway, at Secret Recipe you may spend 25 RM per person.

Do not forget to bring water with you because Johor Bahru is hot.

What is activities? Legoland Malaysia is the one best attraction for kids and family, beside that there is Hello Kitty Park which good for little girl who really love this character.  

To visit Legoland, again taxi is comfort transportation for family but you must use taxi with using argometer. From City Square area cost around 30 -40 RM. Now, most of taxi in Johor Bahru using argometer. You may negotiate with driver whether he can pick you up back in afternoon. You may ask his mobile phone to easy to contact him. Do not worry if your mobile phone does not working, you may ask assistance from Legoland reception to call the taxi driver when you want to back. They will happy to assist you.

Actually many taxi stand by in front of Legoland, but the price is very expensive. Also they provide bus with schdule. Legoland is remote area.

Preparation before go to Legoland, bring umbrella, poncho, water, and  sun block and small food . You may buy from the city. Legoland have it but expensive. If you have own stoller, bring it for your kids. Now you may enjoy Legoland.

If you want to cross to Singapore, the easiest access is taxi.  Taxi direct to Singapore is available from Kota Raya terminal -old taxi station. Cost is SGD 55, fare is to Universal Studio Singapore. By taxi, immigration process will handle directly without In or Out from the taxi.