If you’re traveling to Johor Bahru for the first time, you might want to pick up a little reading to help you plan your trip and get you through it with a minimum of fuss.

There are no guidebooks specifically for Johor Bahru, but several good ones for Malaysia in general. These can help you plan your trip to the city and if you decide to take a few day trips out of the city, can help with that as well.

Consider picking up a copy of an ever-reliable Frommer’s guide, such as “Frommer’s Singapore and Malaysia”, which provides you an in-depth look at travel to the two exotic countries. From an expert’s point of view, you’ll understand what makes these countries tick, what you must see and do, and interesting and unique places to eat.

If it’s your first trip to Malaysia, you might want to pick up a copy of “Culture Shock! Malaysia: A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette”. It’s important to understand the culture of any new country you might visit. In Malaysia, this is particularly important, so understanding the various customs and expectations can make your trip a much smoother one.