You’ll want to think about safety if heading to Johor Bahru. You’re more likely to be a victim of petty theft than a violent crime (unless you run in the drug trade) but you probably want to avoid being the victim of any crime.

If you choose to walk around the city, don’t do it alone and keep it to daylight hours. This is one of the easiest and best ways to stay safe in JB.

 Second, when you make a purchase, use change or very small bills, if possible. Don’t show your wallet or money to anyone and keep it close to your body. Refrain from saying, “wow, that was so cheap!” or anything of the like.

Be cautious of strangers asking for change. Ignore them, because one they have your attention, you could mug you at knifepoint. Better to act disinterested and keep walking.

If you are wealthy, or even reasonably so for the area, don’t do anything to show your wealth. Keep jewelry to a minimum and your clothing simple.

Finally, and completely different from your personal safety, be careful about the water in JB. Boil all tap water and if possible drink only bottled water.