There is a clearly defined preferable time to visit Johor Bahru, and a not-so-great time.

Generally, the best time to visit Malaysia and Johor Bahru is roughly from April to October, but you want to avoid the area when it’s monsoon season, roughly November through February. Fierce rainstorms can likely put a damper on your travel plans during that period of time.

Regardless of the rain, the temperatures in Johor Bahru are relatively stable all year. Highs average 86F all year long, and lows generally sit in the mid-70s. Humidity is generally high, so be prepared with lightweight clothes in natural fibers. Highs can get into the 90s, so with the high humidity, things can get uncomfortable. This isn’t Chicago in February.

Since the most popular time to travel to Malaysia is April through October, that’s also when hotel rates and airfares will be highest. If you want to travel off-season, when the crowds will be smaller and hotels cheaper. But the off-season is called that for a reason – this is when conditions are less ideal for travel. In this case, that’s monsoon season, but if a little rain doesn’t bother you, then go for it.