Johor Bahru is a somewhat difficult city to get around. There are taxis and buses and , of course, your own two feet, but conditions for all of these methods are less than ideal. But you must get around, so a choice must be made.

This area of Malaysia is not friendly for walkers, though you certainly can take this route. Be aware of your safety, though, and follow all street signs. Cars and taxis seem to rule the road here. There is a network of underpasses and walkways that traverse the core area, however.

You could rent a car, but for driving in the bottleneck known as Johor Bahru, this isn’t always the best option. If you plan on heading out of the area to explore other parts of Malaysia, it might be worth it. Car rentals and gas costs here are about half of what they cost in Malaysia’s neighbor, Singapore.

Bus travel is a popular option for public transportation in Johor Bahru, but don’t go looking for street signs advertising bus stops. You won’t find any. Instead, follow the crowds as they gather for the bus, make note of the bus direction sign and don’t be afraid to ask the driver where the bus is going if you need to.

You can take taxis where you need to go in the city, but be aware that taxis here have no meters, so you’ll have to negotiate a fair price with the driver before or after your trip (though this is not ideal). 

Alternatively, you can try out the new private driver service by Uber! Uber works like a taxi but cheaper and easier. It's also very safe! All you need is a smart phone and internet. Download the application and sign up as user to request for a ride when you need to get around in JB.