You won’t necessarily get your clubbing fix in Johor Bahru, but there are other “fixes” you might find.

If you enjoy karaoke, this is your place to hang out. Here, there are a number of karaoke clubs along the downtown corridor and commercial area of Taman Sentosa. Most of the clubs are open officially until 1 a.m., but you can often stay later if you wish. Many who enjoy karaoke also enjoy the public aspect of being onstage, but if you want to sing in privacy, rent a private room and party til the wee hours with friends.

Most patrons of the karaoke bars prefer hard liquor and beer to drink, and you are expected to consume at least something beyond the rental of the room, but if you head to the karaoke bars in the off-hours (such as the late afternoon or very early evening) you can often bring your own food to save a few dollars.

The night markets in Asia are a draw for many tourists, and Johor Bahru offers its own version. The markets move nightly, so you’ll have to ask around to discover where to find the night market each night. Head to the night market with a stash of cash and you can eat, drink and be merry all night. Beyond food, you can purchase handcrafts, clothing, and household items.