As capital of the Seychelles, Victoria on Mahe island has prominence; however, it still retains a small town, very intimate feel. Walking down the street, it seems everybody knows everybody and smiles as they go. Though it was originally settled in 1778 by the French and still retains much french colonial flavor, it was eventually named after Queen Victoria when the Brits occupied the town. Visitors will be charmed by the old part of town with charming, narrow streets and rather worn down but authentic colonial buildings. The newer part of the city has the new deluxe hotels, garden parks, cafes and wider streets. In the very center of the city is the characteristic and monumental clock tower. It is a cute replica of the Little Ben that stands outside Victoria station in London, but looks decidedly out of place in this quaint town. Thus, it stands statuesquely by the court house. Other interesting sites are the Anglican and Roman Catholic cathedrals and the Capuchin House, which is quite unique in architecture and served once as a seminary for priests. Tourists who thirst for a history and culture will not hesistate to visit the National History Museum, which has interesting displays of the birds (which draw multiple bird watchers to the island), marine life and culture of the Seychelles islands. Also, there is a lively morning market, which draws visitors to view the rows of tropical fruits, seafood in chilled ice and various other crafts and baked goods.