The Seychelles’ most popular attractions are their unbeatable, pristine, white sand island beaches. In addition, a draw is the marine life that surrounds these beaches.  For instance, people travel far and wide to drive and snorkel in these crystal clear waters. Like the local fare indicates, Seychelles islands are host to fabulously hued and exotically shaped sea specimens. There are many unique specimens to see as well, such as the world’s largest population of giant tortoise. Seychelles is also home to multiple adventure water sports, like para-sailing and water skiing.

For land lubbers, Seychelles is also a key spot for hiking and exploring the vast and lush wilderness on the islands. These islands also contain some of the rarest and most unique birds and plants known to man. For instance, Cousin and Aride are amazing natural reserves that host spectacular bird watching opportunities. There are both local and migratory birds.

Fishing has been part of the daily culture of Seychelles as long as there have been human inhabitants and deep sea fishing continues to be a huge draw. Also, people can rent day charters for big game fishing from Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue.

Finally, many resorts offer world class golf courses and instruction. It is hard to be bored on these islands.